History of the Music Centre


Music culture in Montenegro is fraught with enormous problems. Relatively modest music tradition on one hand, lack of music institutions on the other, the fact that so far music was more than low down on the list of priorities of the national culture, along with numerous subjective weaknesses that have persisted for decades, have all created a situation where one could hardly speak of music as of organized cultural activity. 

Despite evidently high artistic achievements of Montenegrin music artists, especially during the past decade, there has been almost complete lack of organized activity and support to the development of music culture in the Republic. In the meantime, above all owing to adequate material support, major steps forward have obviously been made in drama, fine art, and literary production, museology, cinematography, cultural monuments preservation... all as the outcome of organized action, investment into opening of new and strengthening of existing institutions in these areas, as well as the construction or adaptation of numerous specific purpose objects. 

This selective approach has created a strange situation that in all forms of national culture, except in music, there are public institutions that have for decades, more or less successfully, been improving and promoting particular segments. In all areas of culture, except in music, there are specific purpose buildings providing adequate conditions for their development, so that to the present day Montenegro does not have a single concert space constructed according to professional standards. Furthermore, due to all these circumstances, and despite a rounded off system of music education in the Republic, the best students of the Music Academy from Cetinje, whose studies are supported by considerable resources, are leaving Montenegro after graduation. 

Understanding the need for changing this situation in the music culture of our Republic and respecting the arguments stated in the Study prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and the Media, the Government of Montenegro established Montenegrin Music Centre by its decision published in the Official Gazette 29-2006 of May 4 2006.